Monday, February 27, 2012

transportation bills

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Subject: [TCLPActive] House Committee on Ways & Means

The House Ways and Means Committee (very powerful) voted in a new
transportation funding formula today. It strips _all transit funding_
out of the Highway Trust Fund, meaning about 20% more federal money will
be available for roads over the next 5 years. (More funding _may_
actually materialize since the bill would also divert certain oil and
gas royalties _into the Trust Fund_.) Transit would be funded out of
general revenues which are getting tighter.

HR 3864 passed out of committee today 20 -17, with 2 republicans joining
the 15 losing dems.
The text:

A dem amendment failed 22 - 15. (Probably a pro transit amendment.)

Another dem amendment also failed 22 - 15.

Looks pretty good, so far. But other committees and the full house have
to vote in coming weeks. Then it becomes a fight with the Senate.


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